Cup of Coffee or a Frog?

Sometimes people need a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning. Other times it takes something traumatic, like a frog in the toilet. As I was getting the coffee ready, Amy interrupted my routine with the claim of a giant frog in the toilet.

So I calmly surveyed the situation, and she was in fact correct: it was a frog in the toilet (I don’t think her contacts were in because she thought it was something that usually belongs there at first). Then I grabbed some disposable gloves, a bucket, and a bit of courage, and made my way to the frog’s newly found residence.

As I reached in there to coax him into jumping nicely into my bucket, his springy legs propelled him onto the shower wall. Then to the mirror, and then onto my chest hair. My chest hair proved to be only a short stay as I, with gloved hands, pushed him into the bucket and tried to cover up as much surface area as I could with one hand.

I yelled for Amy to open the front door, and I threw him out. He landed softly onto the wall outside, and I headed quickly to the shower. My chest hair needed a good washing, since the frog had spent the night in our toilet. Not the best place to lay your head, or whatever it is that they lay.

I really didn’t need any coffee this morning, except to keep me from getting a caffeine headache.
And we learned a valuable lesson: look before lifting.

5 thoughts on “Cup of Coffee or a Frog?

  1. Our adolescent boys had mugs that had “something” in the bottom: one a snail, the other a frog. They loved serving coffee to a guest — and then seeing the look on guest’s face when he/she saw what was at the bottom of the mug!You probably wouldn’t appreciate the humor at this point, huh?–Adri

  2. Better to find a frog than a rat!(But, not much better) The water to the toilet in our house in Myakka City was turned off for a week or so until the toilet could be repaired.The result was, when Keith turned on the water after repairing the toilet, a rat came swimming out of the pipe and into the toilet. We, sitting in the living room, heard Keith’s yell, the toilet lid slamming down and wondered what was going on! The invading rat was subsequently flushed and flushed and flushed back down the toilet. Then poison was set out in the shed where the vermin had their nest.Shudder!

  3. Gail,You’re right, better a frog than a rat. A rat I would have used real gloves, and put him in a bag outside and bashed him. And then someone would have seen me, and then PETA would picket at my house and I’d be worse than Michael Vick! I tried to flush the frog down the toilet, but the power wasn’t strong enough for his super suction feet.

  4. the same thing happened to my friend here in Orlando!!! She said her first thought was “did that just come out of me???” she flushed it, but it jumped out right on her. That happened to her maybe two years ago…I ALWAYS look now. Its those stories that fuel my irrational fears.

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