Sharing Spots

When I was in college, I got along very well with my roommate. We really had only one instant where we talked about going to the “Roommate Zone” (like a talk show where people dealt with roommate problems at Furman).

I had a 6 CD changer, with of course, 6 of MY CD’s. My roommate listened to bad music, and so I didn’t give him a ‘spot.’ The CD player would play only MY music, and MY music only. One day he mustered up enough chutzpah, with the aid of some fellow hallmates, and demanded he get 1 CD in the player. How dare he! How dare them!

I was angry, but finally caved. He got his one ‘booty’ (R&B) CD. Looking back it was pretty selfish of me. Actually VERY selfish of me, and I’m somewhat embarrassed.

I wish people in churches today could ‘share spots’ in the CD ‘players.’ I think that more often than not, folks want THEIR music ONLY in church. But sometimes, when there is a diversity in worship styles in a single service, we are given the opportunity to ‘share spots.’ We get some songs we like, we get some songs we don’t like. But ‘sharing spots’ is expressing love. We will not get ALL of our songs, but we will get some. And others will get some too.

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