Salt N Pepa: what this duo teaches about church attendance and commitment

I once took-now brace yourselves, but this is true-etiquette class in high school. One of the things which I distinctly remember about the class was the marriage of the salt and pepper shakers. At this time I apologize if you were expecting words of wisdom from 80’s rap diva’s Salt N Pepa, I know my title and picture were a bit misleading. When someone asks you to pass the salt, you always pass the salt and pepper shakers together. They are married, and should not be separated.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but sometimes, I actually ‘follow the rules,’ and pass both of them together. But salt can exist fine without pepper. While they may be ‘married’ in some etiquette perfect world (perhaps like Plato’s world of Forms), they really don’t necessarily ‘go’ together.

Unfortunately many people operate with the same thinking in regards to going to church. Being a Christian and actually going to (and yes even committing to one and serving) church, actually have no necessary connection. You can be a Christian and not go to church at all, go once a month, once a year. The two go together like Salt and Pepper: its nice to keep the two entities together in their marriage, but certainly it is not necessary. Just do it when you can, I guess.

But Jesus and His Church are married; and it is a marriage stronger than salt and pepper.
Christians need to abandon the salt and pepper shaker model of church attendance/ commitment, and actually believe that Christ and His Church (each local body is a manifestation of The Church) are indeed married.

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