How much ya bench?

Yesterday I worked out at my new gym. Well it wasn’t really new; Fusion Fitness just rearranged all the free weights and benches to isolate the meat heads like me. I actually don’t deserve that title yet, but we should all have goals, you know?

The new room was an ugly off-smurf blue color, and noticeably smaller. I’m actually not even looking forward to going in to there today, but I need to do so. I was noticeably weaker in there as well!

Apparently the goal of the new management at Fusion is to focus on people who don’t want to get big, but instead those who simply want to ‘get fit.’

Sometimes I love when things change. Sometimes I don’t. Without disagreeing with the fact that people, families, churches need to change/adapt, I can at least sympathize with the fact that it is hard on some.

However, it would have made it harder for a meathead like me (just kidding again, I need like 50 more lbs of muscle in my upper body alone) if I didn’t understand and appreciate their vision at Fusion: to keep those meatheads around, but also to adapt to their surroundings.
It also would have made it harder if they simply threw out the free weights and bars, and just asked me to switch to machines. There was a vision behind the changes, and I was still included. When I understood that, I was less angry.

Ultimately their purpose for the changes at Fusion is money. And that makes it hard. However if there is a greater purpose behind change in general, (like my sanctification, Jesus Kingdom moving forward and reaching more folks, not just change itself), then I can more easily go along. Not necessarily easily, but ‘more’ easily!

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