After much strife, calling, faxing, and fretting, I finally have my tax return. While I religiously checked my mail each day hoping for the envelope marked “IRS,” I instead found the good news electronically. Checking my balance at alerted me to the good news of the much thought about governmental deposit.

There it was. Finally. I already had confirmation from an ‘agent’ (or more like underpaid customer service rep I guess) once before. So just because I had confirmation this 2nd time, I couldn’t begin filing away my income tax info. But now I can; it is actually in my ‘hands.’

Now I can’t say that I’m all that comfortable with people I don’t know putting money into my account. But as long as they don’t take any out, I guess I shan’t have any problems. Before they try to take it back though, I might want to think about spending it on something soon. You can never have enough fishing reels.

Why did I not expect it to come? Because the IRS had proven themselves untrustworthy (saying I needed more forms, then losing that form I faxed, then telling me that I would be receiving the money, then sending me another form explaining how much I owed with interest…..) They had a track record (why is that a bad term when getting a record in on a track is good thing?).

I only hope that I don’t become hardened by my experience and project my lack of trust with them upon others in general. It might be better to be disappointed at times, then to always assume the worst. Worst case scenario, they still don’t have my banking info, you know.

3 thoughts on “Payday

  1. Gus,I don’t really know what a consumption tax means, but if you say its good, then its certainly worth an explanation.I really can’t complain because being an ordained minister does have tax perks. However, I usually don’t like having to wait, squabble, call, and fax to work for it! Turbo Tax ought to be enough.

  2. I don’t want to clog your blog with info about the fair tax, so I’ll refer you to -a consumption tax is a tax on your purchases instead of your income, including corporate income and employment (payroll) taxes such as Social Security. I also use Turbo Tax, but long for the day when all that paperwork is unnecessary.

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