Freedom isn’t free

I got an interesting call from a local yesterday. Apparently someone who read my article in the Herald last week (it’s good to know that more than one person outside my family and church family reads those things!). She passed it on to her mother and father. Well, in case you didn’t get to read the Pullitzer prize winning article (probably the wrong prize, but I don’t know which one’s go to good articles), I made reference to the survivors of the USS Indianapolis floating in shark infested waters.

Well apparently this father was a survivor the USS Indianapolis tragedy, and was actually interviewed in the recent special during Shark Week called “Ocean of Fear.” How crazy that he lives in the area! Anyhow he sent me a speech that he gives to high schools and colleges. We’re going to get up and have a cup of coffee or something when he gets back from his trip to North Carolina to interview with the preacher Charles Stanley.

I haven’t read his speech yet, but will check it out soon and relay information as it becomes available. His main point behind the speech is that freedom isn’t free. And he’s right. Someone paid for it.

Christians ought to be the first to realize that, since our freedom has been purchased. And with that freedom, we are able to live life fully, fully enjoying and following our Savior.

As Charles Wesley once wrote, “My chains fell off, my heart was free. I rose, went forth, and followed thee.” Hard to believe that this dude was very anti-Reformed. But even theologically/practically, he’s a heck of a hymn writer.

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