A Technological Cataclysm

If I look different to you, its because I am. I’m starting to catch up, technologically speaking of course (I’ve always been hip and down with the times), to the world around me. I’m not going to look like this guy anymore. The balding guy with the old cell phone. Not a good look for me.

I purchased an IPOD today. Yes, an IPOD. You know those things with a ton of Gigs, and memory, and everything. I got one now. I’ll still be balding, but I’ll be looking good doing it.

I really don’t know how to use the IPOD; I haven’t exactly taken it out of the box yet (it’s only been a few hours though so don’t judge me). But I made the first step. One small step for Geoff, one large step for Geoff-kind. I’m sorry that didn’t make any sense, but it just seemed apropos.

In addition, I’ll be retiring my Motorola phone since Amy and I just purchased new ones. It was actually the oldest working cell phone in Bradenton. Someone called me the other day from a museum and asked for it, but I cordially declined. Big money too. Now if they’ll only call me back…..

So to quote Bill and Ted during their Excellent Adventure, “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.” Yes strange things are afoot at the Circle K of my life indeed. I only hope that I can handle the overwhelming flood of new technology. I’ll keep you posted, but don’t expect a text message or anything. Not yet.

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