I’m tired of three’s

I’ve been making some bad purchases lately. Although I don’t know if I’m worthy of all the blame-certainly not most of it. Now I did buy an awfully made kayak fairly whimsically the other day. However I learned my lesson, did some research, and bought a more expensive kayak which had come well recommended. The only problem with that one was that it leaked. Kind of important for a boat not to leak. Kind of. So I took that one back and bought a third. I should be keeping that one.

Next came the weed whacker. This time I waited for a recommendation: go Electric. So I did, but the spool kept coming off on my first run through. So back to the drawing board. I needed to go Black & Decker said so and so. I did, and when I opened up the box to put it together-alas, behold, or whatever other word you would say-there was no spool or cover at all.

So I took that back today during my lunch break and got the same kind. This time the Lowe’s guy opened it up just to make sure. It was there. At least I didn’t buy the recalled model.

Well now my Ipod (which I thought was going to be like “A whole new world” for me, some sort of “dazzling place I’ve never been”) won’t sync. My kayak would sink, but my Ipod won’t sync. A cruel irony. An Ipod that won’t sync is like a boat that does sink: worthless. So I’ll be driving to the Apple store to see if they can ‘sync it up.’ If this three part sequence continues, I should only have to drive to Tampa or return the Ipod one more time after this Friday. But I’m hoping to break the sequence. More of a curse really. Hope you don’t get struck by the Terrible Threes.

2 thoughts on “I’m tired of three’s

  1. Your saga reminds me of the tyranny of things or: technology makes us slaves to…technology. When I plan to buy anything more expensive than $15 I usually consult Consumer Reports, which I can peruse at the public library, including back issues. Rhetorical question: Did you have to purchase your iPod in Tampa?

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