Practical thinking

On Good Morning America this morning, they had a family with sextuplets, in addition to 4 other kids. I caught the tail end of the special which talked about the possible side effects (5 more kids than planned, and one had Cerebral Palsy) of fertility meds.

Diane Sawyer posed this quite pragmatic question: “Did you ever think about eliminating several of the embryo’s?”

The husband’s response was far more profound: “Which of these kids would you not want to be here? I can’t pick one.” The wife especially affirmed the life of the young girl with CP: “She’s my little bundle of joy.” Just an example where pragmatic convenience is trumped by the fact that we are made in the image of God and have a latent dignity.

Pragmatism is a philosophical system that equates what is most practical with what is right to do. Obviously practicality is not a bad thing. But at times what God’s Word says conflicts with what we deem most practical. Therein lies the dangerous point of intersection. Everything from abortion, to enabling, to stealing (in its very subtle forms) often gets viewed through the lens of pragmatism. Being incredibly pragmatic myself (obviously not to this degree!), I do need to take pains in subjecting my practicality to Christ’s lordship.

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