Words of Wisdom from Tony (not Danza or the Tiger though)

Someone this past week shared an unsatisfying sports experience with me, and it wasn’t because his team lost (the opposite was true). Surrounded by rabid fans glued to the tube to cheer their team on to victory, any sort of relational activity was to be put on hold.

Personally I don’t like to discuss weighty matters during Buc’s games such as finances or family matters, but I had to question my own sports idolatry. Do I replace sports for relationships? Or do I use them to facilitate, increase, or spawn new relationships?

Well due to the fact that the Bucs have often been playing at 4pm, and the other 1pm games I’ve been tied up with stuff, the annual phenomenon of the Bucs party has not seen the light of day.

I have to admit that while I was appalled at my friend’s sporting experience (and quickly condemned such activity), I admit that I had to examine my own heart. My wife helped expedite that process of course!

A quote from Tony Romo (the QB of the Dallas Cowboys) helps shed some light on this issue. Someone asked him if he would ever be able to recover from botching the snap in the Cowboy’s last second field goal in the playoff game verses Seattle. He responded beautifully saying, “If the worst thing that happens to me, happens on a football field, I think I’ll be OK.”

Since professional athletes can move on very quickly, I think we should as well. We probably should be ‘moving on’ even as the game progresses. And Jesus will gladly help.

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