Would Jesus call you back?

Last night I had a meeting planned which was very well unattended. I actually had to conduct an interview with a third person listening on speaker phone so that we could have a quorum. That was kind of cool in some way though. O technology.

Some responded and told me of their inability to make it. May their children rise up and call them ‘blessed.’ One, due to some cyber-black hole (that’s the only thing I can think of) didn’t even get three emails I sent, which were confirmed to be ‘sent.’ But several others just didn’t respond at all.

I’ve been thinking about something lately, and I don’t have anyone in mind personally (please believe me-I’m not mad at you; if I were I would tell you in person, not via email or blog!), so please don’t take offense. Thanks for your belief. I trust you believe me, so don’t let me down.

Here’s my scenario. Let’s just suppose Jesus began his ministry in our day and age, a day of technology with cell phones and emails. 2000 years ago Jesus might have been one of the busiest people on the planet, with people constantly vying for his time (some with good intentions and some with bad). I truly believe he would still have found a way to get some solitude in prayer, which can easily be done by waking up early-and that he did. Really kind of a no-brainer.

But what about emails and phone calls? Would Jesus have returned emails (since his inbox would have probably been full)? Would he have returned them promptly? Would he have returned phone calls? Perhaps he would have returned them by order of importance-how they coincided with his mission? He was a man on a mission. The gospel of John describes him quite often as being ‘sent’.

I do know that when he was on the way to Jerusalem to be tried and killed (ultimate plan), he still made time for people even when the disciples ignored those calling out in the streets to be healed. His mission included people, even ‘little people’ (but I’m not referring to, but neither am I precluding those short on stature). The disciples thought they were totally on board with His mission, but we see them missing the picture some times.

So I can see the disciples not returning phone calls or emails, but would the Lord Jesus take the time to call people back promptly? Certainly there are different levels of urgency in phone calls and emails, but I think Jesus would probably have been pretty good at it since he loved people so much. And we are to put interests of others before ourselves (Phil 2:4) based upon the pattern of Christ.

Just my thoughts, but of course I think they’re right! But I know I could be wrong. Nevertheless, I think putting others’ interests ahead of our own probably means we need to respond more rather than respond less to emails and phone calls. As I’m writing this I feel convicted to respond to someone who sent me a message a while ago-a message I don’t want to respond to! But alas, I shall now.

4 thoughts on “Would Jesus call you back?

  1. I think he would of text messaged instead of called back due to the ease and practicality. I never thought about this but I would say that he surely would not of missed a call back because he was wasting time on other meaningless things. He could of been doing things to us that seem like a waste of time but with him they never would of been.. even his wasting time.. It never would of been for selfish reasons..ps. I know this is about me

  2. Aunt Patti didn’t call after special olympics last week… I can’t imagine how she did… she was excited when she came in second and lost to a blind guy in bocce (and there were only two competitors). How bad would it have to be if she didn’t return a call.

  3. I have a little saying,”Jesus drew or wrote in the dirt alot” meaning that when the disciples and others were starting to get self righteous,The Lord just crouched down and waited patiently and literally drew in the dirt 🙂 Sometimes his followers went on and argued or criticized a “fallen” person for a while; mostly they simmered down and listened as Jesus made his points simply and with love.I truly hope that Jesus would NOT text message; As a teenager I was required to learn touch typing in 7th or 8th grade; Text messaging is a waste of energy and Our Lord is wise – Maybe he would do mass e mailings or conference calls?I think he would have been like Joel Olsteen only he would not have a golden globe spinning while he spoke at large auditoriums – maybe at DisneyWorld who knows;Enjoyed your page – John Lynch is at a church south of us in Phoenix and I plan to visit some Sunday AM soon to hear him preach.A friend gave me his CD this spring and he is wonderful – I highly recommend his recordings – most amusing and heart felt presentations.God Bless.L. Bubba, Phoenix AZ

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