Real Fellowship-A little deeper than George and Jerry

I just met with a fellow PCA pastor for lunch today at Applebee’s. Aside from getting off at the wrong exit, everything went quite well. I was reminded once again today why faith is not supposed to be a private thing.

We were able to share our own weaknesses, confess our own sins, and speak of our own ecclesiastical frustrations. I left feeling refreshed. A brother whom I look up to greatly is a fellow struggler. How freeing.

Without relationships like these, life can become much harder than it needs to be. If you don’t have any relationships where you talk about your faith, life, struggles, joys (below the surface, meaning more than football-which we did talk about, albeit last), I would encourage you to seek them out.

We are meant to walk through life with these kinds of relationships. Any sort of deep relationship, whether you want to call it mentoring, accountability, or close friend is absolutely priceless. And for some reason priceless means good. I never really figured that out.

They do exist in the church today, but they need to be sought out. Please don’t be afraid to seek them out. You’ll not regret it.

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