You can comment now

I’m glad that people are smarter than I am. When talking to a friend today, and explaining that I don’t like the fact that non-gmail people can’t comment on my blog, he mentioned that there could be a setting I simply needed to adjust (as opposed to getting a whole new site). I don’t know why I never thought of that. Well, I kind of do. I don’t think of those type things-things related to technology. Anyhow, you can now post comments, because I adjusted that setting. I trust you’ll do a good job. Just click on ‘comments.’ Thanks for your time. Peace.

One thought on “You can comment now

  1. Yes, Geoff, I do check your blog regularly. This is a test for me to respond to you. You will be shocked to know that I have a blog. I am not giving the name to anyone. I set it up a week or so ago. It is something I have to do , working at the library. They have 20 things that we have to investigate on the web and then journal about them on our web site. They want us to be more “up to speed” for our patrons. Diane

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