Depth charged

While I was out fishing today with a friend from church, I had a run in with some large sea animals. I was paddling in from deeper water while trolling a jig behind me. All of a sudden a large swirl/splash/gush of water suddenly erupts less than a foot from the left side of my kayak. Then an explosion on my right, then left….

My heart beat like a hunted rabbit. The explosions continued for about 5 seconds as I yelled out in sheer terror. The kayak rocked back and forth; it was as though I were being depth charged.

After everything calmed down, I signaled to my friend that I was OK. But about 15 minutes later, it happened again. One explosion, then another, and another. I had escaped the onslaught once again.

The second time was not nearly as frightening because I knew what was happening. I paddled directly in front of a pod of large manatees, just before the 2nd set of explosions. So I just held on for dear life, hoping they wouldn’t tip my kayak over (they’ve been known to do it.)

But it was far less scary, now that I knew it wasn’t a bunch of sharks or over-friendly porpoises. That did make a difference. Knowing exactly what I was facing changed everything. The next time I face those explosions, my heart shall be better prepared.

Unknown things scare me more than anything. But I guess I have to take comfort in realizing that while they are unknown to me, they are not unknown to God.

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