Even the Ravens obey

A week or two ago I heard an amazing rescue story. I really love rescue stories, particularly when folks are rescued from the sea. But land rescues/survival stories are still pretty cool.

A 76 year old woman had been lost in the woods while hunting (which probably goes to show they should stick to driving in the left lane for their sense of excitement!), and the main search party had been called off after 10 days. Her daughters had already finished planning her memorial service when she was found. Talk about emotional roller coaster.

The interesting thing about her discovery was in the how: ravens. Ravens were circling overhead, and the rescue party simply followed those ravens. God is sovereign (in control) over all of the earth and everything in it. This time he used ravens, but He is free to use whatever means He deems fit.

Seeing God use these ravens reminds me that He is still involved in our every day affairs. And to quote Gandalf, “You were meant to find the ring, and that is a comforting thought indeed.”

If you want to check out the article, click here.

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