Plugging in the lights

Another thing I enjoy about Xmas time is the lights. Now I don’t like to ride around intentionally and admire the lights. But as I drive, I like to see what people have done with their houses. Its kind of like art, that I can ‘get.’ But mostly, I just think its cool and it makes me feel like Christmas.

Last year Amy prodded me to put up lights. While I was reluctant at first, I’m very glad I did it. Most of our neighbors have lights up, so it is pretty cool pulling into our driveway after having seen all of the lights.

So when I get home from working out, or whenever I remember, I plug in our lights. But its weird. Lights are cool when you’re outside of your own house. But when you’re inside your own house, and don’t plan on going out again, what’s the motivation? Turning on your lights is really an act of love. I mean you’re no longer enjoying the fruit of your labor. Someone else is.

And that’s a lot like love. Love is finding delight in the delight of others. I guess the joy in putting up lights, particularly once you are inside your own house, resides in sharing in the joy of others. You make others happy, and you find delight in that.

Now I know for some people its keeping up with Jones’, or a competition, as with Chevy Chase in Xmas Vacation or with Tim Taylor in Home Improvement. But for many, I think plugging in your lights, particularly when you’ve come inside for the night, is a mundane, but good example of love.

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