The writing on the wall

Sometimes we can see the writing on the wall, and it is very clear. And yet out of stubbornness, we decide to move forward regardless. But sometimes we might see the writing on the wall, then realize that it in fact doesn’t mean what we thought it meant.

I had one of those moments today. The men of the church get together to play paintball about once a month. Well this time, everyone seemed to have prior commitments. Some regulars had to work, do housework, take care of wives who had back surgery, etc….

When I went to fill up my paintball CO2 tank at WalMart last night, I found out they didn’t have the correct size tank. Just before that someone else canceled on me. The owner of the property wasn’t going to make it. I had to preach the next day and could have used a little more sleep.

It seemed the writing on the Wall was saying “Cancel it.” Was I being stupid? Willful? I decided it was too late to cancel and didn’t feel like calling everyone up anyway.

So I got arrived on site. That made 5 of us. Then one more came fifteen minutes later. Fifteen minutes more and 2 showed up. Then the sounds of the Hallelujah chorus rung out as one youth brought 3 of his friends. His dad showed up and it ended up 6 on 6, with probably more than half not even from our church.

Sometimes the writing is clear. Sometimes it might be there, but it may not say what we think it says. Fortunately. God chose today to bring some different people to play. I’m glad we didn’t cancel.

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