A mini-series for the ages

At church we are are doing a mini-series on Peter’s confession of Christ (Matthew 16:16). Since Jesus did say, in so many words, “You got the right one baby,” we feel it is a good place to start.
Now we do expect that this mini-series will be famous. How famous, is really up to you (I guess).
Regardless, if you have a spare 30 minutes, here is my sermon. In addition to our sermon series, for advent we’ve created a devotional to go along with the sermons. The last two years I’ve written a study for each day. However, this year, in order not to intimidate people, I’ve just written some questions to cause us to further reflect on God’s word: in this case, the deity of Christ. If you don’t think this is all that important, or practical, then listen to my sermon.

Here is the Devotional that my prove to be helpful. If not, then find someone to blame. Never me. Thanks.

1. Read John 8:48-59
No one knows exactly the precise date Jesus was born, but we can be certain that it was between 4-6 BC. We celebrate the birth (his taking on flesh) of Jesus at Christmas. But how old is Jesus in his divine nature? Who DOESN’T believe in this truth (Hint-J.W.)?

2. How do we know that Jesus really did claim to be God? How is this claim unique among all religions? Why is this so important to believe?

3. People often simply create a God who suits their needs, schedules, desires, interests, etc… Can you think of any ways you’ve done this yourself? Be honest and specific. How can we keep from doing that on Sundays? Is there anything we can do during the week to keep us walking down this well traveled road?

4. How does knowing Jesus is fully God personally bring you comfort? How can it in the future?

5. God is described in the Old Testament as one who is “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling (Psalm 68:5)” and Jesus continually sought after those in need. Is there anyone to whom you might reflect this love? A widow, someone elderly, without family, someone hurting, lonely, depressed, etc…What step might God be calling you to take now? Visiting, baking cookies, giving presents, calling, etc…?

Sorry for the formatting weirdness. I tried like 6 times to correct it, and then gave up. Just because the first questions are the largest, doesn’t make them the most important. Might doesn’t make right, eh?

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