Once a critique is now a compliment?

Yesterday at my presbytery meeting I was greeted by a lad who had this to say to me: “You look nice. Have you lost weight?” I was a little taken aback, because I’ve been holding steady at about 210 lbs for a little while now. I’m thankful I’m not gaining more, but feel fine at 210 lbs.

This is weird because this is the first time in my life when the “Looks like you’re losing weight” line hasn’t meant something bad. The last time I heard it, I really had lost weight-down to the 160’s after taking a medication (which is now off the market) that made me lose some serious poundage in seminary. But this time it was a compliment, not a concern.

Nevertheless, it was a bit hard to take, I must admit. Especially since I have had somewhat of a ‘skinnferiority’ complex throughout my life. Let me explain. Now I’ve never been ashamed to be thin, but then again I never like to receive comments like ‘stick man’ or ‘bird cage chest.’ Any comments reminding me of my slenderness have never been well received. No violence, just not well received.

Even though I’m balding and graying, I still don’t think of myself as getting older-though I am 30! It’s strange how times change when you get older. Now “it looks like your losing weight,” becomes a compliment. Of course now is not the best time to lose weight since Amy’s gaining ‘baby pounds’ now.

Getting older is good-I’m going to have to grow up quick in May when the baby comes. Getting thinner is good until I can become sans gut. But its a bit of a mindset change.

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