Sometimes its good to assume

Well, I had some better thoughts already ‘blogged down’ a few minutes ago, but somehow they were just deleted from the cyber world and out of my life forever. So I hope that these thoughts will be helpful for ‘you and yours.’ I love saying that.

Amy and I decided to fly out the day after Xmas, as opposed to Xmas day like we did last year. I highly recommend flying the day after if possible. Last year it was less than festive to see a 24 hour continous loop of In Sync’s video “Its Christmas time!” Not to mention I think it probably took 5-10 years off my life-though I can’t prove it.

Regardless, the plane ride was fairly turbulence ridden. But amidst the turbulence, I witnessed something strange. A few kids, probably 10-15 years of age, were loving every bit of turbulence. My reaction to the plane oscillating, or rising/dropping sharply is usually, “Lord protect us!”

But these kids were shouting out with glee, like Santa’s proverbial reindeer after Rudolph got a nose job (I think that’s what really happened-noses don’t glow red without extensive surgery or serious allergies).

How could they? How could they enjoy every bit of the plane’s shaking, when all the adults were terrified? I think they just presumed that the plane would land safely at their final destination, and simply treated it as ride. But I think there was something very profound behind their cheers. A simple confidence that the plane would land.

It’s probably better to prayerfully presume the plan will land. Then I, along with the rest of the adults who seemed ‘concerned’ at the very least, may fly in peace one day. Maybe that’s what the kids were doing. Maybe that’s how we learn even to have joy even in the turbulence on the ground and in life. Maybe that’s how Paul the apostle did it, seeing how he was confident that he would arrive at his final destination whether people came to his aid or not (II Tim 4:16). In air travel and in life, there are some good assumptions.

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