A New Year

I’m really not one for New Year’s celebrations. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them; I really just don’t get them. Why stay up to 12:00 am just to see a new year officially begin? Since the Clemson/Auburn game ended before midnight, and I didn’t feel like waiting an hour to see that dude jump his motorcycle across a football field, we turned in early.

But before Amy and I went to bed that night our prayers did at least take on a somewhat festive tone. In our short time of thanksgiving, prior to our regular supplications for a healthy baby, family concerns, and for fruitful fishing (I’m kidding), I led us in a brief time reflecting on God’s faithfulness in 2007.

I guess its really not a whole lot different than what we ought to do at Thanksgiving. But faithfulness goes beyond just having provisions-its God’s presence with you when provisions are low or absent. Before starting a new year, I did find it helpful to remember how God was with us through the thick and lean times.

NowI think I’m about ready for this new year to start. Not bad, I’m only 3 days late.

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