No privacy before birth

Yesterday was really busy. I just got back in town, had to prepare my sermon for this Sunday. But time was limited after a later than usual start, and the fact we had an Ultra Sound scheduled for “Little T” (little tyke). Well that last part turned out to be the more fun part of the day (although sermon prep came and went more easily since I finished my outline before I left for VA-if only outlines would make themselves!).

Apparently “Little T” is probably a misnomer. Although only 20 weeks young (or T-19), he has the legs of a 21 weeker. Even now the kid is all legs! We don’t expect that to change until late high school.

One of the more shocking things about our time yesterday happened as the doctor told me to turn to the side. I thought she was trying to make me miss the penis, or lack thereof, as she maneuvered the magic pen (like Mortimer on Bill Cosby’s “Picture Pages”-although it didn’t make any cool sound).

But no, she was checking out my profile. Apparently “Little T” and I have the same ‘gently sloping nose.’ I was thrilled. But she said my gently sloping nose was a good nose. I’ll have to take her word for it. Its not that I hate my nose; its just that I never thought it was a ‘good nose.’

Also, “Little T” would not stay put to pose for pictures. He was all over the place. At least he didn’t do anything embarrassing like pick his nose. But I’m not sure kids get ‘boogs’ until they actually get out of the womb. After some poking around, we left him with his privacy. Regardless, some things you can learn from an ultrasound.

I’ll try to scan some pictures and put them up here so you can see “Little T’s” gently sloping nose and gargantuan, mammoth-like femur that belies that of 21 ‘weeker.’

One more thing I learned-or rather was reminded of-is that God’s process of growing babies inside peoples stomachs is like, really in depth, cool, and amazing. Everything just knows where to go. Wow.

5 thoughts on “No privacy before birth

  1. Kevin,I’ll get them up really soon brother. I hope our kid will be still for a little bit, so we can squeeze several more months of Amy assisting me with the youth group!

  2. hey you two, this is kate of “omar and kate” fame. i just stumbled across your blog through ande johnson’s and saw you two were expecting. how wonderful! we’re still in miami and have two little boys, elisha and asher. would love to hear from you!kate

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