The ordinary doesn’t have to be dull

This post is kind of weird, and if you don’t like it, I apologize. What I mean by ‘weird’ is that it is a blog post about my blog. But in no way is it meant to be conceited-as though anything is ever ‘meant’ to be conceited. Now let me explain.

Someone in church yesterday encouraged me greatly with some kind words about my blog. Only those who receive encouragement understand how important it is!

Anyway, he told me that I see God in everyday life. And that was what he appreciated most about the blog. I told him, “You get it!” For that really is one of my hopes in this blog. Everyday as we go through the mundane, ordinary experiences (although getting ultra-sounds is not all that mundane or ordinary unless you have like 20 kids), we have opportunities to turn them into ‘devotions.’

Since all of life is to be offered to God as worship-not just corporate worship on Sundays (although this is a non-negotiable, even though people try to negotiate out of this privilege/responsibility)-we ought to look at our world with a ‘devotional’ eye.

At times it is seeing comparisons and analogies in movies or in our experiences. Other times it is simply reflecting on the beauty of sunny Florida, or the people around us at the grocery store. Wherever we look, if we look closely enough, we can see the world declaring His glory-even in the movies of fallen humanity. Psalms 8 and 19 remind us of these truths.

While a typical devotional life may start very early in the morning for some (not that early for me), it really doesn’t need to stop. And it doesn’t have to if we can train ourselves to see God in the ordinary. The ordinary can be quite devotional if we let it.

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