Providence explained through Winn Dixie and Fed Ex

The last two days I’ve been reminded of God’s providential involvement in my life. He is always involved, but sometimes He reminds me that I need to not get so frustrated when little things thwart my plans. For instances….

First instance
Amy and I are driving home from the gym on Tuesday and she asks me to stop at the grocery store. I wasn’t excited because it was already quite late, and we still needed to make dinner and do some other things in the house. I don’t know much, but I know you don’t say “No” to a pregnant woman.

Well as we were checking out, a woman who we had kind of lost contact with, shows up with her brother. Fortunately her brother speaks near perfect English and was able to communicate well with us. We got her new phone # and she specifically requested one of our members to pick up her kids for church this Sunday. Had we not gone through the self-checkout line, we probably would have not seen her come inside. Pretty cool.

Second instance
I ordered a Macbook computer after getting back from Xmas. More about that later (its still in the box right now). Of course Fed Ex tries to drop it off at 4pm one day, and 11:30 am the next day, so I had pick it up at the Fed Ex place. I grabbed the necessary paper-drop-off-thing and headed out. When I stopped by the pharmacy, I realized I grabbed the paper-drop-off-thing
without the pick-up address. Frustrated, I drove back home (all of a 2 minute detour).

And as soon as I got home, a neighbor backs into my driveway and we talk for about 10 minutes.
He asked me if the Homeowners meeting would be at “my” church. It is by the way. I’m hoping that may be the next step in seeing some more neighbors come to Hope.

Anyway, in our time of conversation I learned a bunch about him. Our usual conversations last about 30 seconds, so this was huge. All because I picked up the wrong paper-drop-off-thing. God used my lack of attention to detail as part of His plans that day. Sometimes I need reminding that all things really do unfold according to His plans. I can’t thwart them through my responsibility or lack of responsibility.

Maybe I can relax a bit more when my plans change. And then maybe my blood pressure will drop even further (if it still needs to).

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