Solicitors wanted

Solicitors. You either love them, or you hate them. Just kidding, you probably hate them. But how should Christians respond to solicitors or telemarketers over the phone? I mean we are to love our neighbors, even our enemies. And they probably fit somewhere in the middle, although closer to the enemy side of things if you ask me.

Amy and I went out to dinner with a couple from church the other day and this conversation came up. The wife mentioned something like, “You probably think I’m a bad person for dealing with them in this way.” I thought nothing of the sort. In fact, what she explained to me showed she had absolutely done nothing wrong.

Then this week (and you might think I’m a ‘bad’ person), but someone with the police department called looking for money for a specific benevolence fund. We already give 10% to the church, some to missionaries, sponsor a kid in Bangladesh in addition to random things here and there. So I didn’t feel like I was hoarding money which God has provided. Since one of the reasons we work is to be able to have something to share with those in need (Eph 4:28).

Anyway, this officer’s presumption that I would give an expected amount, and the fact that solicitors rarely call when you’re not really doing anything-I was cleaning up the kitchen-led me to say ,”Thanks for calling,” and then hang up. Of course that wasn’t good enough as I could hear him continue to solicit as I quickly hung up (why is it hang ‘up’ when you’re clearly putting the phone ‘down?’) the phone.

I can’t imagine being a telemarketer. I really can’t. I also can’t imagine asking for money for a good cause. So how should we deal with the latter, and even the former? Should we let those soliciting for good things talk first (or is it just wasting their time) because it at least shows love? Should we actually listen? Or should we cut people off if they’re selling stuff we don’t want? Does it matter how rude we are (I mean there is a person made in God’s image on the line)? Or is this just a time to be firm, and by saying “Thanks,” we can cross the ‘love’ component off the list? Just some thoughts.

I personally am quite firm, and don’t feel bad unless its for something good (usually not for the lack of giving, but how I treat the person). But please respond and let me know what you think. But I’m not soliciting, mind you. I’d just love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Solicitors wanted

  1. Christian often means gullable. Many solicitors are aware of this and count on it. Christ is love but people forget that love is also firm. If you do not want to deal with a solicitor, be firm and be glad.When phones first came out they hung on the wall…

  2. Anonymous,I’m definitely firm. No problems with that.Hanging ‘up’ the phone still doesn’t work for me. If phones are on the wall, then it still isn’t hanging ‘up,’ its hanging sideways. Now if phones were on the ceiling….

  3. Be polite but firm: “No thanks; I’m not interested,” then hang up without banging the receiver down. If it’s a Christian college soliciting funds from alumni, I sometimes say that we are seniors on a fixed income, members of a small church to which we donate…. Family members say I’m not obligated to make that explanation or any other. I guess I feel guilty if I don’t offer a reason for not giving. –ae

  4. Antique phones where you held the microphone with one hand and the receiver with the other had a “hook” switch that held the receiver. When you were done talking you would hang the receiver up on the hook and that would end the connection – “hang-up”.I don’t really think I have to say it but, solicitors are people too. They are just as deserving of our love, patience, kindness, respect, etc. as anyone else, from the complete stranger on the street to our closest friend.

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