Thoughts after my pulpit supply

This morning I had the privilege of preaching at a sister PCA church in Sarasota. They are currently without pastor and have been bringing in folks for some time now to come and preach.

Its amazing that a church without a pastor would grow as it has. There were very few empty seats this morning, far fewer than there were last time I preached (when we found out Amy was pregnant, and she’s about 21 weeks or so; I lost track). The fact that it had grown significantly in size and giving, and perhaps in health as well (they were going to reach out through a homeless ministry this afternoon) showed a lot about God’s faithfulness to this church.

No pastor, no problem. If God desires a church grow, it shall grow. And in the absence of a pastor, the newly installed elders have begun to take charge of ministry, lay leaders are continuing lead, and people are really giving sacrificially. Nevertheless, I do hope they can call a pastor or stated long term pulpit supply sooner rather than later.

But it is interesting though, that the main things which seem to be attractive to visiting folks were this: friendly community, good music (though not my particular ‘taste’) and something for the little one’s (children’s ministry) and bigger one’s (youth group). There’s probably been great preaching at this church for a time; but hearing the same pastor week in and out has obviously not been a high priority.

Of course I didn’t interview anyone; these were just some of mine and Amy’s thoughts as we drove home.

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