Trusting a tire guy

I ‘like’ to give my money to local Mom and Pop businesses. First of all, they’re local. Second of all, I’ve found several which have earned my trust, and therefore my business. It’s good to find a place you can trust.

My ‘check engine’ light went on yesterday, so I did what I was supposed to do: Have someone else check the engine. So today I came to a place that really specializes in tires. But they were willing to check it out and not charge me 68 bucks just to look at it (like the Mazda dealership yesterday).

Apparently the spark plugs needed changing, as did a corrosive wire. Thirty minutes later a dude came to me and explained that one of the wires, which didn’t technically need to be changed, wouldn’t come to the shop until 3pm today. So he awaited my decision as to what they should do.

I simply asked a question that I always ask when I trust someone: “What would you do in my case?” If that person knows more about the situation than I do, that advice usually gets put into practice. That’s the advantage of having people one can trust.

I just can’t read everything (I read really slowly, which makes ‘everything’ that much more impossible-as if something can be ‘more’ impossible than something else), I can’t do everything (I pastor, husband, fish, watch football, workout, play guitar), and I can’t know everything (I’ve even forgotten a lot that I’ve learned-sorry Mom and Dad, my educational benefactors).

So I often have to rely on knowledgeable people I trust to assist me in decision making. Having people you can trust makes life a lot easier. And that is by design.

A local church community, the Church at large, and even those in the community all play a role in helping us make tough decisions.

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