F@#$ Jesus

On the way home from my small group at Bradenton Christian School this morning, I heard something shocking on the radio. Dana Jacobsen, of ESPN’S  “First Take,” was heard saying, “F@%$ Notre Dame, F!$% Touchdown Jesus, and F%$# Jesus!”

The drunken Jacobsen did this during a roast, and was apparently ‘trash talking’ fellow ESPN worker Mike Golic.
I wouldn’t have expected Ron Diaz from the Ron and Ian Show to have cared all that much. After all, about 1/3rd of the show is dedicated to talking about and looking up sexy women on the net, and Karma is about as close to God as you get. Yet he compared this guffaw to Don Imus comments, and said it was even worse. Clearly a believer in God, Ron took great offense at this and wondered if the week long suspension was strict enough.
I guess you just don’t touch the name of Jesus. Even if you don’t follow much of anything that he says, you don’t want to say such words. If that is the case, I wonder how many people at least respect Him somewhat, and would be interested in studying more of the life of Jesus. 
We may be surprised. The study that our community group is doing right now (as a discipleship tool) is also being used by many as an outreach tool for all kinds of demographics. I know one lad who invites a group of men into his house for beer and fellowship, and then they spend some serious time in this Jesus study.
Regardless of whether you think the suspension was too light, I’m just thankful that someone saying “F&^% Jesus” is getting disciplined. Of course the same thing or worse (probably worse) would happen if someone cursed Allah or Mohammed. That I know. But I’m surprised that anything happened. And I’m glad it did. 
To read one brief article that may give some more details, click here.

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