Shopping Carts

Last night my wife and I made the ever popular last minute trip to Wal-Mart. As we pulled into an empty space, we noticed what didn’t surprise me in the least: a shopping cart in the middle of it. 

So bring the swift reactionary driver that I am, I pulled into another space about 20 feet away. Lo and behold there lay another cart, though this time the cart was kind enough to let me pull in just enough so that my back side wasn’t ‘sticking out.’

And then I noticed the “Return Carts Here” sign just about 10 feet away. I crowned myself citizen-of-the-week after returning the cart to its proper home. I’ll never understand why people can’t walk an extra 10 feet to put their carts up. Instead they choose to leave them in parking spaces. 
I believe, though I don’t have any ‘real research’ (just observation from my many trips to supermarkets and other large stores) that Wal Mart regularly ‘leads the league’ in most number of carts found in parking spaces. 
I’ll never understand the mindset that says,  “Just leave the cart here.”  I guess its the same mindset of people who throw trash out their windows. 
I’ll stop ranting now because I feel a little self righteous. And I just listened to a sermon yesterday that reminded me how we all fall into that trap. Nevertheless, if elected President, or any office with real power for that matter, I would propose stiff penalties for leaving carts in parking spaces. Nothing like flogging or public hanging, but more like a night in jail or community service or something.  

4 thoughts on “Shopping Carts

  1. When you are president, please add to that law to fine those who block the lane while they wait in their cars for a parking spot close to the store. I always say to the Mr., with only a hint of sarcasm, “I can understand why they are waiting; the weather here in Florida is so awful: raining, blowing, freezing cold.”If the driver needs a handicap spot and one is soon to be vacated, that’s a different story. So please make an exception for those folk.Thanks; and you have my vote. –ae

  2. I seriously thought about that yesterday at BJ’s and there are so many things to say about walmart like the myriad of toddlers there shopping with their parents past 1am. Why are they awake?

  3. Adri,Thanks for your vote. I’ll remember the ‘little people’ that got me where I am (or would be)Ande,That is another fine question: what are the ‘little one’s’ doing out past 1 am. Tony Dungy used to say that nothing good happens after 1 am. Toddlers should heed the call as well.

  4. also add to your list.. endless amounts of cigibutts. I was in line at the light today turning out of the mart when I noticed what I thought to be a cigibutt sculpture. Nope.. just throwing their heaters on the ground trying to make a termite mound.

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