A better voter turnout: for me that is, not Guliani

Yesterday Amy and I performed our civic duty of voting. And we were rewarded richly with an “I Voted” sticker for our 5 minute effort. Not bad this year.

Last year, on the way to vote, we got into an accident. An unsuspecting teenager rear ended us and did about a grand of damage to the Civic. In addition, I partially tore or bruised (I can’t remember what Doctor Pops said) my labrum. So it was an accident that had repercussions for several months until I was able to get back to working out. 
This year I printed out the directions to the precinct. Last year we were actually heading in the opposite direction when we get nailed. Unbelievable. 
For some reason it was part of God’s plan that we got into that accident. Why? I’ll never know. But I’ll also never care, so no problem.
But it is interesting to know that there are myriads of ‘little’ choices that we make everyday that can have big consequences-good or bad. However that shouldn’t make anyone freak out or over-analyze stuff. 
Only ‘good’ things are going to come to Christians (whether they cause pain or not-the ‘good’ is our sanctification), so we can relax. Even the hairs on our head are numbered so God is involved in working all things, even small decisions, for this ‘good.’ So we can move forward in confidence, be responsible-try to remember to print out maps if needed-and trust God with what happens. 

2 thoughts on “A better voter turnout: for me that is, not Guliani

  1. I should have known the meaning of labrum, but had to look it up: part of the scapula where it connects to the humerus. At least you know someone is reading your blog.ge

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