LOST: A show about Junk in the Trunk

Finally it’s here. The 4th (I think) season of “LOST.” Amy and I are huge fans of the show. For some reason they decided not to air any new episodes this fall, but instead to wait for the Winter. I really don’t understand what goes on with all that stuff. It really makes me mad that TV shows can basically do whatever, and I’ll still be hooked. Guess the problem really lies with me then. Hmmm.

Regardless, one of the things I like so much about “LOST” is that the everyone on the island has some serious baggage. EVERYONE. They all come from family situations that leave something to be desired: shame, poverty, abuse, neglect, alcoholism to name a few. 
All of the junk starts to come out immediately after they crash on the island. In fact that’s why very little ever seems to actually happen on the island; the episodes consist primarily of flashbacks to their lives before the island. Yet no one ever actually talks about their junk. They’re ashamed.
The church is no island. But it does bear some resemblances with the island on “LOST.” When we’re in the church, junk does come out. The closer we’re in relationships with others, the closer we are to seeing their junk-and them seeing ours. That’s normal. If we leave for another church, we’ll get their junk, and bring ours with us. If we become cynical about the church, and isolate ourselves-calling everyone hypocrites-then we’re simply in denial about our own junk. 
But unlike the ‘island folk,’ we need not be ashamed of our junk. Our junk is covered by the blood of Jesus, and so we can admit it freely (though easier said than done). 
And yet like the island, our junk will come out. Fortunately for us, our junk isn’t seen by millions of viewers, but primarily before one who has taken that junk to the cross. While our junk will remain until we leave this ‘island,’ it doesn’t need to alienate and destroy our relationships. Just some thoughts to pass on from one junker to the next. 

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