Love is Grand; Divorce begins at $295

Driving to work today, I passed by a house with a van I see virtually every day. The van advertises the ASAP divorce-here’s an actual picture of the van. Several thoughts popped into my overcrowded mind (so obviously something had to go-hopefully it wasn’t worth hanging on to).

First of all, their slogan is absolutely hilarious and catchy: “Love is grand. Divorce begins at $295.” It makes me laugh. I think its clever.
But it also makes me sad as well. Divorce is a sad thing. And I realize that in some cases its quite biblical, and in many others there may just be one ‘guilty’ party. And even where its not biblical, there is forgiveness, and I don’t look down at divorced people like they have three eyes (if we were ‘keeping score’ they could look at me like I had 5 eyes). I really don’t, and I want to make sure that is SUPER clear. So please don’t be offended.
What I find the saddest part is the ASAP. I know that most people don’t look for biblical standards in marriage, so they won’t think to look at biblical grounds for divorce. I get that. But what big decision do you really want to make ASAP?
Even when the decision to get divorced has been decided on, should one hasten one of the bigger decisions of his/her life? The other day I was talking with someone who had a couple in his church file for divorce-and do all the fun stuff that came with it like empty bank and assets and the like-only to totally reverse his decision in a few days. 
But in general, what big decisions in life should we make ASAP? Usually wise counsel, the Word, prayer, opportunities, closed/open doors all play a part in our decision making. But one thing that all have in common is time. Big decisions, no matter what they are, usually take time for all of the aforementioned.

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