Balding, burning, and renewal

As is custom on my day off, I went out fishing-this time with a buddy. A buddy who also happens to be a part time guide. So when we don’t catch fish, its the fault of the fish, not the fisherman. I managed a few big trout and a small flounder. But it was a really a slow day. 

Regardless I returned home with a bit of a burn. Not on my face, hands, or neck, but the top of my head. Not as bad as this gentlemen pictured, because I have a bit more hair. For now.
I’m truly getting older now, and balder. My buddy who is about 45 or so fished without a hat. I forgot to put on my infamous Orange Bucs hat and simply used a visor. People like Steve Spurrier can wear visors in sunny conditions. People like me, sadly, can’t. I was hoping to catch some redfish. Instead I caught a red scalp. My scalp now has a reddish hue. At least its pretty.
Outwardly my body (and specifically my hair) is wasting away. But inwardly, Paul contends that we are being renewed ‘day by day’ (II Cor 4). And even though sanctification is the work of God’s free grace (WCF), we do have a responsibility in that renewal. We throw ourselves wholly upon the gospel of Christ, repenting, resting, and reflecting upon His work.
Losing one’s hair is only a small reminder; I understand that. But my sunburned head reminds me that my body is wasting away (even though I’m hoping to get 60 more years out of it; who knows if that will be granted or not) but inwardly I’m called to actively run, ‘day to day’ to the gospel to be renewed. Hair is temporary, but so is hope. One day, I’ll need neither, for I’ll have all the hair I can handle and no need for hope. I’ll have sight of Christ.

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