How long should you lie?

Whether its worth it or not, the Feds have become quite involved in sports related issues. You’ve probably at least heard of Roger Clemens, regardless how disinterested you are in baseball. He’s being accused of using HGH and steroids, and is coming in front of all kinds of officials-I’m losing track of where he is each day. 

And of course we can’t believe anyone anymore, because every athlete that has ever been proved to have taken ‘roids has lied about it. Everyone. And to prove someone did ‘roids is incredibly difficult.
So the government is going with the next best thing: perjury. One of Hugh Lawrie’s quotes on the show House is “Everyone lies.” And every patient who comes to him in hopes of getting healed lies. I’m not sure these athletes are any different.
Even though many people have no problem with regularly lying, or ‘need’ based lying, probably all understand that you just don’t lie to the Feds. The buck (or puck if you’re a hockey fan) has to stop somewhere. People realize that there has to be some standard where truth can be affirmed. That’s just part of humanity being made in the image of God: “created in righteousness, holiness, and truth (WCF).” 
Regardless how much the truth is suppressed (Romans 1), people, regardless of faith, want to have the comfort that there is some standard. Unfortunately God’s Word is not that standard for most. But I think this concern for the truth has its root in a humanity created in God’s image. 

3 thoughts on “How long should you lie?

  1. I had not been interested in the congressional investigation of drug use among baseball players until I came across the House panel investigation this morning. According to a pundit, the reason Congress in involved is that Congress exempted professional baseball from anti-monopoly laws. _Ipso facto_, Congress is the final authority. McNamee and Clemens gave contradictory statements. Therefore one of them was lieing. McNamee admitted to several previous lies. Clemens’ testimony is very damning for the club owners. This is not the end of the story by a long shot. The house is going to publish other testimonies that were not included today.gus

  2. Gus,Thanks for the update. And I had heard the other day that Congress did get involved because they are the ones that have exempted MLB and the NFL for the monopoly exemptions. So I can understand somewhat of why they’re doing it.

  3. It’s sort of revolting that steroids became a family affair for the Clemens family–he reportedly had his trainer inject his wife with HGH before their Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition photo shoot. I was pretty impressed that Andy Pettite owned up to his steroid use–he was dogged for selling out Clemens, but he said (basically), “Code or no code, I’m not going to lie to a grand jury.”

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