Fun Saturday

Little T was being obstinate today. Either that or just really sleepy. Probably the latter. We went in this morning for ANOTHER NST (non-stress test). Unfortunately for us, Little T decided that moving around was no longer fun, like it was at 5 am this morning, and he refused to do so. Popsicles, apple juice, graham crackers, and the like did no good. So we had an ultra sound to check if everything was OK. The little joker didn’t move for that.

So they gave Amy some delicious hospital ham sandwiches and some beverages. About 30 minutes later he started moving. We were at the hospital for about 5 hours, but glad to be home now. I’m expecting more fun of the same variety on Tuesday, our next doctor’s appointment. This time we’re bringing Jolly Ranchers. Little T loves those things, and “shakes what his/her mama gave him” whenever Amy eats those.

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