I guess you’re a good teacher if….

Today was Memorial Day and we did what we always do on national holidays: painting or yardwork. We opted for the latter. Nothing like planting flowers, having your in-laws rake leaves, and mowing the grass to make for another memorable national holiday. Anything to take our minds of Little T’s late, but soon-to-be arrival.

While we were doing yardwork today, we got a chance to catch up with several neighbors. Which I guess is a good reason to do yardwork-though I don’t really like it (not them; I love my neighbors). I know, it shows. I fired first.

But as we raked, trimmed, planted, an unfamiliar mini-van pulled up. It was one of Amy’s kids, not driving of course, but he was a passenger. He came by to bring her a balloon, a card, and a plethora of hugs. It was very sweet. The mother spoke a lot of spanish, but for some reason “teacher” remained part of her spanglish. She actually spoke way more than I expected. She’d been by before for the Easter Outreach party.

I guess you know you’re a good teacher when your kindergarteners cry everyday you’re gone, and bring by balloons/cards/hugs. You know you’re missed. I guess the same thing could be said about any time you leave something/somewhere/someone. If you’re missed, you probably were a good _______. Please don’t read anything into this; I’m not going anywhere. It just shows me how much these kids AND their parents appreciated her for not only her hard work, but also her love. Justin is the hispanic kid in the picture, and was the bearer of the balloon.

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