Some Pics

Well, if you’re interested, click here for some more pics. I will warn you if you choose to watch the video clip, it does have some gross stuff; so be forewarned. I will try to get some more with Amy and the baby; she was breastfeeding in some, so I couldn’t post the ones I have.

2 thoughts on “Some Pics

  1. Geoff, I cannot tell you how entirely thankful I am that you had all those pictures and the video on your blog. I seriously feel like i am right there with you guys. Amy, you are so amazing. You are such a strong and calm women. Connar is absolutely beautiful!!!!! And yes, Geoff, he does look like you right now….but who knows…maybe he will look a little like Amy later on. Geoff, I want to see you in some more pictures with him. I love you all so much!!!!! I will be praying for some good healing for you Ames! Rachel

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