The G.T.F.

Well thanks for all the prayers. Amy is feeling better now, still taking perkaset (not sure of the spelling) for the pain. She just took a shower by herself and was able to walk to the bathroom unassisted (something she couldn’t even do with assistance yesterday evening). But since she lost a good deal of blood, they have decided to keep her here overnight. We should hopefully be gone some time tomorrow. Praise the Lord we have the GTF, Grandmother Task Force, which will continue assisting us. They’ve been absolutely fantastic. Right now they’re helping Amy breast feed, which is much harder than it looks. Why Connar can sleep at the breast and be wide awake at night I don’t know.

Just a side note, the Diaper tally is Geoff-2 and Amy-0. But for some reason, I think she’ll catch up! But she’s had a little trauma to her body and is breast feeding an infant, so we’ll let her slide for a bit. Moms please don’t shoot me, just a joke; I’ll probably never lead in diaper changes, so I have to gloat while I’m ahead. Thanks again for the prayers and interest.

2 thoughts on “The G.T.F.

  1. Dear Geoff and Amy (and Connar),I hope we get to come to Florida this year. I’m really looking forward to seeing Connar. He looks really cute from all the pictures. I know he’ll be a very nice boy. We love you.Love,Avery and Landon

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