A "BigFoot" Sighting

If you’re trying to post a comment, and it takes a little while for it to show up, there’s a reason. In order to cut down on SPAM comments (which I’m really not sure how they get posted), I have to moderate the comments (an approval email is sent to me and I simply approve it, provided its not spam-if you’re not a spammer, you have nothing to worry about). I’m not a communist government. I will publish what you post if its not SPAM. Seriously. I just am getting tired of SPAM, and thought this would be easier than making you type those funky letters that no one can read! If you would rather type those funky letters, let me know.

Anyhow, here’s a picture of an oft undiscussed side effect of labor: big feet. Check these bad boys out. Can you guess which foot is Amy’s? Don’t be hating on me, we’re all laughing about it. You should too.

5 thoughts on “A "BigFoot" Sighting

  1. The question is, which is easier for you? Now that you’re a new father your time will be more limited. I do not mind typing funky, sometimes unreadable letters, but others might.G

  2. Yeah. . . I’m usually in favor of funky letters of waiting for mod approval. It helps keep the convo flowing. (That said, before my recent blogware update, I had to manually approve good comments and delete spam and I’m rejoicing that’s no longer an issue!)Besides. . . some days the funky letters inspire jabberwocky-type poetry in our home.

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