A neighbor better than State Farm

On Monday I called my neighbor to see what he was up to. A month or two ago he offered to load his pick-up truck bed with nearly a ton of landscaping rocks. So I took him up on his offer. He told me he didn’t have much to do the whole afternoon. And he proved it.

After getting the rocks, he helped me unload them and place them all over the yard. Since he is professedly more anal than I am (not too tough), it was helpful to have someone more skilled, or at least, more attuned to aesthetics. It turned an extremely ugly yard into a decent looking yard.

Then he offered to drive back and grab a bed-full of mulch! So we put half in my yard and I helped him put some in his yard. Talk about a great neighbor. Fortunately I have several great one’s on my cul de sac.

I’ve noticed that doing yard-work puts you in the path of your neighbors, and so is quite a good thing. But I hadn’t ever experienced actually doing yard-work with your neighbors. We had a blast and learned a ton about each other. I’m actually looking forward to helping him lay some sod. Hopefully we’ll do it early in the morning though….

2 thoughts on “A neighbor better than State Farm

  1. Donna,Thanks so much! We have some more work to do, but right now I’m focusing my attention on things that don’t die like more rocks and more mulch. I’m not going to rush the flowers until we get a little something called rain. I think that’s what its called.

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