Sunday evening and movies

I went over to a friends apartment Sunday evening. She was having a housewarming party for her new place (which is why you have housewarming parties). Obviously I couldn’t pass up this chance to support her in her hospitality. That’s one of the drums I tirelessly beat.

So I got the OK from Amy and Connar to head over there for a bit. After some time, most folks had left with the exception of a smattering of youth and young adults. For some reason we began to talk about movies. And talk we did. I gained some more insight into Lars and Real Girl and got some recommendations for some other movies.

Then I realized that movies were one thing that this group of folks had in common. It wasn’t fishing. It certainly wasn’t football, or Rays baseball for that matter. Though it should be, since they just beat the evil chowder heads.

It was movies. I realized then that I probably needed to be more aware of what my flock, and my generation, was watching. Two thoughts. At least its not 3 points, like most of my sermons!

1.) I need to be know how to minister the timeless truth of the gospel to my particular cultural setting. Seeing movies and how folks interact with them aids in that process.

2.) Sometimes football is the great equalizer. Dudes can sit and talk about it for a while. But in my setting, football hasn’t been a big connecting point within my church. Yet no one (ages 16-30) was quiet on the topic.

My time that evening really challenged me to be not only a better interpreter of scripture but of my culture. One can’t have any impact if he/she does not become students of both.

Now if I were in Berkely, California, like some pastors I know, I would probably need to read more than watch. It is a highly intellectual post-Christian area and would require my reading stack to look differently than it does here. The pastors there are always referencing books I’ve never heard of. But they wouldn’t do the same thing if they were planting a church in Bradenton.

But since I live here, and now that Amy and I are fairly sequestered, I plan on renting a number of movies. My biggest problem is returning them on time….

BTW-when I got home to watch my Dateline special, I found this little joker in MY seat. I had to let it slide. This time.

2 thoughts on “Sunday evening and movies

  1. Randy,I resisted this method for so long because I wouldn’t have gotten enough bang for my buck. But now that we’re not going anywhere, its probably time to join the fun. I’m always behind the times, even though I’m hip and down with the times (what I tell the youth).Geoff

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