Wright on Heaven and Colbert

Sometimes I feel like a politician. Let me explain. I have several folks in my church that seem to scour the internet, magazines, and other resources, and bring stuff to my attention. I’ve never been a politician before, but I think that they have like tons of people who work for them, always keeping them abreast on what’s happening. Maybe I’m wrong. But they sure do have such teams on movies. Anyhow, one such folk who sends me updates throughout the week, sent this link to me a week or so ago.

It’s from the Colbert Report. N.T. Wright, an Anglican bishop, wrote a book called Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the mission of the Church. Colbert invited him on his show to discuss it. Click here to see the clip. You really ought to do so. Its both humorous and truthful.

I would not direct anyone to N.T. Wright to gain insight into the issue of “justification.” However, when it comes to a picture of heaven, resurrection, and the responsibility of the church to be engaged in building the Kingdom, I think he hits it on the nose. At least that’s what others I trust have told me. And certainly what he says in this clip seems to be “Wright on.” Sorry I had too. I really did. A muse was holding me at proverbial gunpoint, and looking quite trigger happy. Really.

Richard Pratt, a professor of mine, taught a lot of the same stuff about the kingdom as N.T. Wright, and did so without questioning the standard understanding of justification. And since he’s not a Brit, he gives it a baseball analogy (which I can’t expect from a cricket person). Heaven is like third base and the New Heavens and New Earth are the home plate: final destination for all believers.

In summary, I think Wright does a fantastic job getting this message out to the “masses,” fighting against the short time allotted him and Colbert’s intermittent disruptions (which do make it funny.) It’s worth your 5 minutes.

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