A series of Fortunate Events

I wanted to follow up with the fish hook in the back. Had I never been hooked in the back, several little blessings would not have happened. And those wouldn’t have happened had it not been for a myriad of other small “secondary causes.” Let me explain.

We arrived to the walk-in clinic at exactly the appointed time. Tommy, my father-in-law, overheard a nurse saying, “Paging Dr. Boyce.” He approached the front desk and said, “Is that Dr. Allan Boyce?” The nurse said “Yes, he has an office in this building.” Dr. Boyce played quarterback while Tommy played Tight End in high school. Tommy knew his high school buddy was in town, but was/is still unfamiliar with the ability to “google” people. So it “had” to happen this way.

He went next door, met the doctor who he hadn’t seen in 40 years, and they planned a dinner out. All because of the fish hook in the back. And then us arriving in time to hear, “Paging doctor Boyce.” 5 minutes later and they wouldn’t have had their reunion.

Tuesday was supposed to be the WHOLE Family dinner night out. But plans changed, and so Amy, Connar, my brother/sis-in law, and nephews went out to eat instead. At the Anna Maria city pier, I overheard Amy point out that someone else had a baby carrier (called Baby Bjorn). As that woman was walking out of the restaraunt, I made a comment about her Bjorn. We all began talking, and found that the husband was jealous of Connar’s sleep aptitude. I was honored.

This dude was in town because he was hurt. Even though he lived at the beach. When he got better he and his family would be leaving. They were only staying in their house because he was hurt? We couldn’t fit the pieces together. But he looked really familiar. That’s because he was Scott Rolen, who plays 3rd base for the Toronto Blue Jays. He is on the D.L. with a hurt shoulder for the next week or so. Crazy.

All because I got hooked, we arrived at the Clinic just in time, I made a stupid comment, and a waitress came up and told us after they had left it was indeed Scott Rolen. A series of fortunate events, well most of them. But I’m sure glad I got hooked, though not at the time of course.

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