Depressions and Hurricanes: Both Tropical and Real

Well the TV viewing in the Bay Area has to be at an all time high now. Rays are in first place, 4 and 1/2 games ahead of the Sox, the Bucs looked good in their preseason home opener (beating the other evil-though they’re a bit worse because they cheat-team from Boston), and the Olympics. When was the last time you enjoyed watching swimming? Our DVR-has recorded hours and hours of quality TV-minus stuff like fencing and equestrian.

But now add one more thing to the mix. Fay. Tropical Storm and coming soon to a Florida near you-Hurricane Fay. I dislike Hurricanes as much as the next person. I really do. They kill people, destroy homes and property, and make planning committee meetings very hard (I chair one that was supposed to meet Tuesday night-the night we’re supposed to meet Miss Fay.)

Yet despite their destruction, they do serve a purpose. I liken them to my struggle with anxiety/depression. I hate it, but what that struggle does is remind me that nothing really ultimately satisfies me outside Christ. When I’m truly anxious or depressed, not even the thought of getting stuff, fish, approval, security, materials, victory, church growth, “does anything” for me. All I want is to feel better and be close to Jesus. And of course when there is no anxiety/depression that is on the proverbial radar, I start to go back to the aforementioned areas. I can be dissatisfied and jealous of not having a bigger church, bigger house, or catching bigger fish. Yet God uses anxiety/depression (fortunately lately only in Tropical storm force, not Hurricane force) as a storm to make me come back and find rest/delight in Him alone.

Literal tropical depressions/storms/hurricanes can function in the same manner. Because of their uncertain path and certain power, we are reminded that we are only secure in Jesus. Houses can be destroyed, property lost, but our standing with Christ is secure. We often find other things to feel secure about like houses, savings, careers…But Hurricanes remind us that the great blessing of our homes is not where our security lies.

And if that is the case, we can be responsible (boarding windows and the like), and yet relax because we are truly secure. Sometimes God uses both literal and figurative storms/hurricanes to truly “protect” us from running to the places where we normally seek protection. Real protection is resting in the arms of a loving Father. They scare me, but they scare me right into His arms. God controls the storms. And He will direct them where they will go. But he does love His children. And like Aaron Nevill sang, “that may be, all I need to know.”

3 thoughts on “Depressions and Hurricanes: Both Tropical and Real

  1. Also as A. Neville sings, “What has happened down here is the wind have changed, Clouds roll in from the north and it started to rain. . .Some people got lost in the flood,Some people got away alright. . .”That’s the way it is with storms–physical or spiritual. Sometimes we get lost, sometimes we get away alright.

  2. Donna,No problem. I need the reminder. I’ve discovered that most of the Christian life is really just a reminder to truly believe in the gospel and its implications for daily life.

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