A Deutero Isaiah?

At first thought, it would appear that basketball legend (well at least while he was playing and shortly after retiring; everything he’s touched since then has gone the way of the typewriter) Isaiah Thomas has gone back to school and is turning heads at the University of Washington.

But some common sense would tell you that it is possible two people can have the same names, and in fact be two different people. Though this was hard for some folks in a small town in South Carolina to imagine (in their defense, you just don’t see this in town’s populated by only 10,000 folks), it really isn’t that hard to believe if you think about it. These are in fact two totally different unrelated Isaiah Thomas’.

One might think, “Oh, Isaiah (the freshmen) Thomas must have had a Dad who was a big Detroit Piston’s fan.” Nope, very much the opposite is the case. In fact, his father is a huge L.A. Lakers fan. But he lost a bet back when the Pistons were playing the Lakers in the NBA finals; the Lakers got swept. Now he would have to name is son Isaiah (his last name was already “Thomas” so no change required there), the star player for the Pistons.

Getting a barbed wire tatoo around your biceps thinks that’s a bad idea. Sports Talk show host Jim Rome felt the father should have taken the punishment himself for his stupid actions. He should have changed his own name. Why make the kid pay for it? Seems like a case of the sins of the father coming down on the children.

Fortunately Jesus interrupts the cycle and saves me not simply from my sin, but the sin of my father, and first father Adam. My generational debt before God has been canceled. Fortunately.

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