A-Rod’s Apology

If you listen to Sports Talk radio at all, you’re aware that Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez admitted using performance enhancing drugs after the results of a 2003 drug test proved it. In an interview with Katie Curic, he had blatantly lied about not using them or even being tempted to use them in baseball.

Most fans are not accepting his apology. I heard an interesting “take” from one radio host who was really disgusted with his “apology.” He had two comments I found quite helpful-and I added another-in “exegeting” A-Rod’s “apology.”

1.) Blame Game
A-Rod blamed his use of performance enhancing drugs on feeling the pressure of his 252 million dollar contract in Texas. Apparently playing in front of fans in New York who don’t consider him a “real” Yankee doesn’t bring as much pressure now? This host wanted to hear A-Rod say something to the effect of, “I wanted to hit more home runs and be better than everyone else.” So many folks, including me, find it easier to blame others in some subtle way (the pressure from others) than to truly own our junk. I think he simply wanted to perform at a higher level. Isn’t that the reason all athletes take roids? Can’t they just say that?

2.) Particulars
There really wasn’t anything specifically he really apologized for. He didn’t even say “steroids.” It was very generic. I think this talk show host wanted something a little more like the Westminster Confession 15.5

“Men ought not to content themselves with a general repentance, but it is every man’s duty to endeavour to repent of his particular sins particularly.”

3.) The Truth
In a relativistic world, it does seem many folks (at least many sports fans) really do want to know the truth, and expect the truth from others. They are in a sense “owed” the truth and are outraged when it is withheld from them. Now when it comes to telling the truth themselves, well that is a different story. But from others, the truth still matters because we’re made in the image of God and He cares about the truth.

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