I’m down on Brazil

About every other Herald article I write, someone contacts me via my blog, email, or church phone number. I always enjoy hearing from folks who’ve identified with, been touched by, or simply thought some more about what I’ve written.

Immediately after the article came out, a woman called and left a Voice Mail at the church. Apparently her grandson, who lives in Bradenton is going through just what David Goldman is going through. His Brazilian wife took their daughter to Brazil and said, “I’m never coming back.”

I talked to this woman for about 15 minutes and found out some details that saddened me even more. A minister in Brazil told another family member that this form of “kidnapping” actually happens a lot in Brazil. American babies are “in” over there.

Anyhow, she told me her grandson is a Christian. So he does know Someone who suffered the loss of His own child. It would be great though, if these two men (he and Goldman) could meet. How deep the fellowship these two could potentially have!

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