Young Guns

It seems like we grow up slower these days. Now of course some folks do not, due to tragedies (parents die and the oldest sibling takes care of the younger ones). But by and large, we seem to grow up slower. Young adults are marrying later, having kids later (and there is nothing inherently wrong with this I don’t think-I’m in this category). Yet sometimes this attitude carries over to the expectations young folks have for themselves, and of course the expectations leadership has for them.

That’s why I think it is so imperative that we do all that we can to fight against an attitude that says, “When I get older, I’ll do this or that.” Why not do something great for Jesus’ Kingdom at a young age?

Mark Driscoll, reflecting on Paul’s admonition to Timothy “don’t let anyone look down upon you because you are young.,” lists some great examples of younger folks used greatly by Jesus to further His Kingdom. The point is not simply to challenge young folks, but to challenge all folks to start thinking about how they can be used by God now, and not later.

3 thoughts on “Young Guns

  1. Cool! This is posted on Friday! I’ve fallen into a time warp of some kind.Some of us find encouragement in the accomplishments of the young. Others of us draw encouragement from Moses, who really didn’t get his act together until about 80…There is still hope for me.

  2. I have mentioned “Young Guns” twice in the past few weeks. The movie not your post and NOBODY seems to of heard of this movie.. Once again thankful for your pop culture or dead pop culture knowledge.

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