RUF speaking tour now over

I completed my RUF speaking tour this Friday evening at Ft. Desoto park. On Tuesday night, I drove down to U.S.F. in Tampa to speak for their regularly scheduled “large group” meeting. I put “large” in parenthesis because that’s what RUF calls such meetings-yet only 15 students showed up.

On Friday, my best bud Ande Johnson, UCF’s RUF Campus pastor asked me (well he asked me at least a month ago; I just spoke on Friday!) to speak at his retreat. There were probably over 30 students in attendance as I began speaking at 10 pm that evening. It was fun having to use a flash light to read my notes and deliver my message to students circled around the campsite. A slightly different venue than when I preach, lead Christian Ed, Community group, youth group, etc…

When I think of people who’ve had the greatest spiritual impact in my lives, I think of several people very close to me, such as my Mom, and those who’ve discipled me over the years. But I would be remiss to ignore the various speakers at numerous retreats and conferences.

I’m thankful for all those who’ve discipled me and those who’ve sharpened me through their friendships. But I’m also thankful for all the “little people” those who’ve been a part of my life for only a small window-such as weekend. Even such folks as these have had a huge impact. I can only hope I was “little person” this week, serving alongside people who’ve put their blood, sweat, and tears into their ministries.

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