Never go against the family

A line in The Godfather reminds us to “Never go against the family.” I learned that one the hard way, well of course not as hard as if I were actually in the mafia. I lost the bet. I should never have bet against my son. I should have known that this incredibly persistent child would soon be walking. But I also kind of figured betting against him was like betting against my favorite team. Either way, you win. For my punishment of “going against the family,” I will now have to bake a pie. Never done that before. Still better than the original bet, which was nixed by the wife. Fortunately. Here’s the video.

6 thoughts on “Never go against the family

  1. Well we are using the word “walking” fairly liberally. But nevertheless, I didn’t stipulate what exactly “walking” was. Yet he clearly does take a few steps as documented in the video. So I will make a pie. Humble pie, but I’m really excited he walked too. That’s kind of why I made the bet.

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